In 2017, RoboJob will celebrate its 10th anniversary! We are a company which capitalizes on the knowledge developed in house to create a simple and reliable automation solutions for you. We derived this technology from our experience with our sister company Aluro CNC. We learned what it takes to make an automation solution affordable and easy to use.

25 years’ experience in the machining industry!

With a long history as a metal machining and fabrication company that produced prototypes for various sectors, Aluro (the parent company of RoboJob) started focusing on the aluminium sector in the ‘90s and specialized in 3 core activities:
- constructing and installing insulation machines for aluminium profiles (Aluro Machinebouw)
- manufacturing machine components using CNC machines (Aluro CNC)
- bending aluminium profiles (Aluro Buigtechniek, known today as Bestbend)

Helmut De Roovere, joined the organization and brought with him a great deal of knowledge in the field of robotics. Together with his former colleague Luc De Ceuster, he focused on developing ground-breaking robot systems for milling and turning machines and, in 2007, this resulted in the foundation of RoboJob. As a subsidiary of the Aluro Group, the company takes advantage of 25 years experience in the machining industry. Exercising its core competencies in designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining industrial machines, the founders of RoboJob have been international pioneers in industry for over 20 years.

With hundreds of installations throughout the world RoboJob is the unmanned machine tending solution you have been looking for.

Lathe Automation

Compact Automation
Compact Automation

Mill Automation

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